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Apple Mac

Mac Experts

Hardware, Software, anything you need for Apple Mac, we've got you covered


$49 flat rate

Remote Service

$49 flat rate remote service - the best value service anywhere


$99 per hour

On Site

Just $99 per hour - Fast, Friendly Techs - Real Experts


New Computers

New Computers

New Laptops

Delivered & Setup, at prices you'll love


Web Design

We handle every aspect of web sites, including hosting & design

Using only the latest software & techniques



Real SEO, Real Results, we're the SEO Experts you need

The best SEO prices, no on-going fees


$49 flat rate

remote service

Sydney's Best Computer Service!

With over 20 years experience, quality service is guaranteed

Our 20 years of experience is your guarantee of quality

Brad King

Brad has worked with computers for over 20 years, in everything from music production to building large networks for corporate customers. Brad's expertise extends to Mac, Linux, Web Design, SEO, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Audio Engineering, building of new computers.....pretty much anything you can imagine technology related.


  • Computer & Laptop Repairs
    • Most of the individual components of your desktop computer or laptop can be replaced should they fail. Hard drive, RAM, Video card, Power Supply, Motherboard and many other parts can be easily & quickly replaced
  • General Service
    • Just like a car, your computer should be serviced regularly. General servicing carried out by experts doesn't take long, can improve the overall speed of your system dramatically and extend the life of components that can otherwise be over stressed.
  • Data Destruction
    • Secure data destruction ensures your personal information is completely removed from any old hard drive, SD Card, Thumbdrive, phone...anywhere you've stored data. Identity theft is a simple matter for any criminal who gets their hands on any form of media storage you've used. Simply deleting files does not remove them, even formatting a hard drive does no good. Anyone who knows what they're doing can easily recover files you think are gone forever. Proper destruction of that data ensures it can't be recovered.
  • Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal
    • Most infections should be removed by experts, ensuring they're completely removed & your system returns to full functionality. Our technicians work with removing these problems every day, using the most up to date software &  proven methods, all ensuring the job is done quickly & properly.
  • Computer Security
    • While removing & dealing with infected systems is vital, it's just as important to put in place proper measures to minimise your systems vulnerability. We have the experience to ensure the best possible security is in place for your computer.
  • Data, File & Photo Recovery
    • In most cases, a computer is only as valuable as the data it contains, and if you've ever lost important files from your computer you'll know exactly what we mean. In most cases, we can recover your files from failed systems, & set you up with proper backup processes to ensure loss doesn't happen  again.

Design ~ Implementation ~ Management ~ SEO

...these are the simple yet highly effective principals we use to build, manage & promote successful & beautiful web sites for our customers.   From a simple one page site to the highest levels of complexity, our system works to get you where you want to be

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Completion on Demand


Start to Finish


Unmatched Flexibility

SEO is a mystery to most, but we can help you get your site to the best possible position in search rankings




Delivery & Setup!

With all our computer system sales we include Free Delivery & Setup....so when you buy a system from us you don't have to worry about getting it all setup the way you like it, we'll do it for you

21.5 inch monitorMonitors A new monitor is a great way to bring your computer back to life. They've come a long way in recent years, and they're so much cheaper! More

We can copy all your data from your old computer to your new one & get you back to full operation quicklyEverything from your old Computer copied to your new computer. Whether you bought it from us or not, we're happy to help you setup any      system.

We can handle anything you need when it comes to computers, laptops, tablets, phones, smart tvs...anything technology related

What we offer...

There's nothing we can't handle when it comes to computers, laptops, tablets, phones, Smart TV's or anything technology related. From teaching seniors to use their smart phone to building & maintaining large corporate networks, we happily look after any of your needs.

High tech equipment relies on hardware, software and user input to function properly. If any one of those fail, things just don't work properly.


We offer our customers a full service experience. Our technicians are all capable of diagnosing, maintaining and generally servicing all aspects of hardware and software, and we offer a complete training method to help customers get the most from their technology.

Computer Lessons

Plain English lessons, one-on-one or in groups of your friends to share the cost

Get the help you need


3.5" SATA Hard DriveLost Important files? We specialise in data recovery. Even if your hard drive has been formatted (wiped clean), we can still recover files.   We can also set you up with a backup system to ensure you don't ever lose your files again

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Upgrade your Computer  We can upgrade your computer, extra RAM or a new hard drive can make a huge difference to performanceUpgrade your Computer We can upgrade your computer, extra RAM or a new hard drive can make a huge difference to performance

Android SmartphoneiPhone, Samsung, iPad - any phone or tablet Want to get the most from your phone or tablet? We love any technology, and we'll help you get all you can from yours. More

Urgent Notices

Crypto Virus

We're being inundated with reports of Crypto Virus. Most instances seem to be coming through an email purporting to be from State Debt Recovery Office.

Learn More


Full servicing of computers, laptops, Macs, tablets & phones

Virus, Malware, Spyware & unwanted program removal

Lost & deleted file recovery experts

Lessons & Training for any aspect of computer use

Sales of new computers, laptops, monitors & all accessories

Web Design & Domain Management

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Friendly, Expert Staff who speak plain English

Experts with iPhones, Android & all smart phones & tablets

Lost & deleted file recovery experts

Lessons & Training for any aspect of computer use

Sales of new computers, laptops, monitors & all accessories

Web Design & Domain Management

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Quick List of Services

For Home &  Business

Computer Repairs - Laptop Repairs - Virus Removal - General Service - Virus & Security - Virus Removal - Computer Security - Malware Removal - Spyware Removal - Data Recovery - Data Destruction - File Recovery - Photo Recovery

New Computers & Hardware

New Desktop Computers - New Laptops - New Monitors - All Accessories - All hardware sales

For your Business

Accounting & Management - MYOB - CRM Software (vtiger, sugar CRM) - Cloud Systems & Management - Networking - Security Management - Scheduled Maintenance Services

Mac Computers

Mac Repairs - Mac Hardware - Mac Upgrades - Mac OSX - Mac Software - Mac Training

Web Sites/Domains

Web Design - Domain Registration - Hosting Packages - Domain Management -

Search Engine Optimisation - Graphic Design

Computer Lessons & Help

Windows 8 - Word & Excel - Outlook - Photoshop - Complete Training on any software

Windows 10 Experts!

Having problems with installing or using Windows 10? We've been using it for ages...we can help you with anything you need.

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